Jon Snow is the favorite character and crucial bastard from the North in the series of Games of Throne Season 7. People who would like to resemble Jon Snow in the coming Halloween may purchase the replica Jon Snow Costume for cosplay or Halloween online. Feel the cold of winter or perform your duty like the hero of Westeros by buying his costume online at discounted rates today. You can become the part of the series character Jon Snow and act as Lord Commander of the Night’s Witch or White Wolf with the costumes that replicate the dress of Jon Snow on the series of GOT.


jon snow costume



What Does Jon Snow Comprises?

The first layer of the Jon Snow Costume is the Gambeson which would provide the wearer’s body with the required protection and prevent the blows and other elements from entering while keeping the body warm. The costume is designed with cotton blended fabric and it is later dyed with matte black to amalgam the iconic look of Jon Snow. It also comes with both side and front silts for maneuverability.

On the top of this fabric is the peasecod which is equal to a windbreaker. It is included to provide the required protection to your body in winter days. The vest is designed with faux, soft and black leather with laces on both the sides for good fit.

Apart from the Jon Snow Costume, there are also other accessories of Jon Snow which can be bought online from the stores like the sword of Jon Snow and gloves which he used to wear in the series. There are also other accessories which are available for purchase online from these stores at discounted rates. So, look at your beat and resemble the Lord Commander of the series with the right costumes.

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