Sexting is a way of expressing one’s sexual desires through messages or through pictures on the phone or computer. A lot of teenagers and young adults are into sexting these days; as some of they find it to be a way of entertainment while some use it has a medium to fulfill their desires and pleasures. Sexting friends are the latest trend; it is like being in a relationship without any commitment. But is sexting a way of harassment? This is something that a lot of people wonder about.

When is sexting harassment?

The truth is that sexting becomes harassment when it is done without one’s consent; if ant random person sends a sext message then it is sexual harassment because that is something you are not prepared for. If a normal conversation suddenly turns dirty into sexting from one side then it is sexual harassment. Sexting with a minor with that person’s consent is also sexual harassment, so in case somebody sext messages you out of nowhere then it would be considered harassment. If someone continuously messages and send sexually explicit pictures then the matter should be reported and legal action should b taken.

How to be careful?

Sexting usually takes place in workplaces among co-workers, so it is better to refrain from becomes sextingFriends; for which one has to stay in control and not get tempted to sext back. Sexual harassment by sexting is not easy unless one takes it in fun way.

In case you enjoy the sext messages you receive then you cannot call it harassment because then it is happening with your consent and approval. Always understand the difference between both the things. Be professional and never give a person the signal that you are ready for having a sexting relationship with that person.


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