Ever wondered of being dominated and then satisfying your partner to the best! Maybe partner too wishes to dominate you in bed and snap that kinky pleasure out of you but is somewhat coy to confess that you are not up to the scratch when it comes down to dominating. To make it up to the par and leave your partner flabbergasted, why don’t you take to learn and later polish your flair in being dominating! So get your courage together and prepare for taking a professional training to perfect the knack of forced feminization.

Forced Feminization

                source: deviantart.com

What is the field about?

Forced feminization is a term whereunder, the willing males take up the role of submissive females. They are not only told act and behave in a feminine manner but also, dress up and use makeup like nail paints, lip colour and wear girly hairdos. The flair can be achieved by components of solo masturbation or through the interactions and communication with some online community, imparting knowledge on these subjects.

How to attain the art?

There are copious online and offline communities that impart training and teach the basics on acquiring forced feminization skills. The entire procedure of the training that the willing and keen males undergo is perpetrated with due security and prudence on the part of the masters and mistresses, teaching the art. They arrange sample number of, amusing practical sessions alongside the communicative sessions through which the trainee learns and acquires the skills. The trainees also go through a top to toe grooming session along with the exercise and yoga sessions, to sculpt the body of the trainee to add to their beauty and enticements. The master or mistress, training the people make sure that by the end of the tutelage period, the trainee has the best of his calibre, and is all ready to be subjugated by any kind of sex instrument.

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