What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server or a dedicated hosting service is a type of internet hosting service where an individual client takes a server on a lease basis that is not to be used by anyone else. With this, the owning individual gains the power of full control over the server including its hardware, dedicated software and the operating system. This service is proactive in nature and all rights related to the same are used at the discretion of the host individual or company who owns the server. These servers are generally found in the data centres of a majority of organisations and this article deals mainly with how to buy dedicated server easily from the online means.

buy dedicated server

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Cheap dedicated server

The cheap dedicated server is basically divided into two classes and on the basis of their flexibility, it is up to the discretion of the users to buy the one that meets their demands. These are as follows: –

  • Dedicated server at $60- These servers are the ones available at low prices of $60 per month and have the following features: –
  • Hardware features of 16 GB RAM and 1 TB hard drive

  • Full access to the admin with the special permissions so as to avoid the misuses by any external agency
  • No overloading of the software and optimal performance even in the peak hours also
  • An uptime of 99.99 per cent with the entire process being hassle free
  • Affordable prices and higher customer satisfaction
  • USA Dedicated Server- This server is available at the price of $65 per month and has the following additional advantages along with the ones of the previous category: –
  • 32 GB ECC Memory and a port of 1 Gbps supporting up to 30 TB of file transfer
  • Enhanced firewall security to the entire server

With online websites like web pundits, one can easily get the desired quotations to buy a dedicated server and to procure them easily without any further hassle and tussle.

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