PiYo is the comprehensive fitness system that is specifically designed to help you get into shape right from your head to toe. PiYo Workout is the strength training regime that combines the exercising of Pilates and Yoga which efficiently increase strength and promotes weight loss. It increases the flexibility of your body and you find it quite easy to perform. The creator of PiYo is Chalene Johnson, the founder of the Turbo Kick System. She designed this program mainly for people who are concerned about their fitness and want to reap the benefits of Pilate’s workout and yoga. But, it is high energy, high sweat workout regime.

More About PiYo Workout!

PiYo Workout is a bit different from the traditional Pilates and Yoga Blend. Although PiYo combines both mind and body exercises, it also adds components of dance and martial arts, making it a kick-booty workout. It uses the upbeat, mainstream music rather than the traditional zen yoga music which keep the practitioners excited about the workout and interested. PiYo is basically a complete body strengthening workout regime. It comprises poses like side plank, plank, core work and more. Squats and lunges are the key elements of the workout which engage a huge amount of your body’s muscles. By working in and out of these poses you gradually build strength and resistance too.

Unlike most of the Pilates and Yoga classes, the classes of PiYo are more like an aerobic workout. It links together the dynamics and consistently flowing workouts which increases the heart rate altogether, while burning calories and make you sweat constantly. These classes are low in impact, but high in energy and strength and most of the moves and poses are derived from traditional yoga, dance, Pilates and combined together to add more fun and cardio.

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