With the advancing technology which has found its applications in all possible fields, so forensic is also not left untouched. Digital forensics is the process of investigating and uncovering digital data. The prime goal is to conserve evidence in its most original form by performing investigation by collection, identification, and validation of the digital information to deduce certain past events.

Digital forensics

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Types of digital forensics

As it is an evolving field which has many, therefore, various kinds of digital forensics are available and they are as follows:

  • Network Forensics: The management of data such as monitoring, capture, storage,and analysis of the activities and events of the network to discover various security system attacks, intrusion or any kind of abnormal network traffic and breaches of security.
  • Digital Image Forensics: The extraction and analysis of photographs acquired digitally and its validation for authenticity to ascertain its history are done using digital image forensics.
  • Mobile devices forensics: The retrieval of information from electronic devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, SIM cards, GPS devices, and
  • Computer forensics: The identification, preservation, collection, analysis of evidence found on computers, laptops and storage media.
  • Memory forensics: Retrieving evidence from the RAM of a running computer which is also addressed as a live acquisition.
  • Digital audio/video forensics: The collection and evaluation of sound and video shreds of evidence to prove if a recording is original or if it is adulterated accidentally or unethically.

Following are the skills that are required to make a career in digital forensics:

  • Good computer science and technical skills
  • Excellent analytical talent
  • Should understand cybersecurity
  • Good organization and communication skills

As electronics are now important in day to day lives as it acts as a catalyst in an overall developed department, therefore it is important to maintain and manage the proper working of the electronics. Digital forensics provides justice to the electronic crimes done in a civilized and organized way.

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