The commercial real estate is a property used for business purposes and is basically used for workplace instead of a living space property. These may include malls, office towers, shopping centres, gas stations, restaurants, and even conventional stores. The commercial real estate is categorized on the basis of location, aesthetic beauty, quality and age of infrastructure which are known as Class A which includes properties based on aesthetics, age, quality of infrastructure and location. Class B is not as competitive as the Class A and needs restoration and Class C which has the oldest buildings which not so attracted and need maintenance. The other main real estate property is residential and industrial.

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Types of commercial property leases

The lease is the contract signed between the two parties where one agrees to rent a property to another party. The commercial lease requires the tenant and landlord with different levels of responsibilities. The four types of commercial lease are as follows:

  • Single net lease: The property taxes are paid by the tenant
  • Double net (NN) lease: It is the responsibility of the tenant to pay the property taxes and insurance
  • Triple net (NNN) lease: The responsibility of paying the property taxes, insurance and maintenance is done by the tenant
  • Gross lease: Only the rents are paid by the tenant and rest the property taxes, insurance and maintenance is done by the landlord

There are various firms that provide commercial real estate Fredericksburg TX, which involves properties more than home and numbers. Investing in a commercial real estate property is profitable but all the rules and regulations should be kept in mind for a smooth procedure of getting the property. It is best for the people who want to invest and they have a strong experience with a stable financial position.


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